Motorcraft D9AZ6731A - Motorcraft Oil Filters
Motorcraft D9AZ6731A - Motorcraft Oil Filters

Oil Filter, Canister, 3/4-16 in. Thread, 5.205 in. High, Each

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Motorcraft oil filters are specifically designed for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. Each Motorcraft oil filter, including the popular Motorcraft FL-1A, uses as many as 12 high-quality components.

Construction features include:

* Steel cases: "Ironed" for a precise fit, fluted to ease removal, and painted for rust resistance
* Pressure relief valve: When it's cold outside, or if the filters become clogged, oil flow through the filters can be reduced. If this happens, the relief valve opens to provide a continuous oil supply. Its design also minimizes the chance of contaminated oil recirculating back
* Anti-drainback valve: This feature keeps oil in the filters to prevent "dry starts" after your engine has been turned off. It's made with specially formulated materials that resist the aging effects that an engine's heat can cause
* Efficient filter media: Re-engineered media increases Motorcraft filters' dirt-collecting capabilities, allowing them to capture more engine-harming particles than ever before            

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